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九华山 悠然山居

· 商业空间

项目前身是一个只有旅游旺季才有客源的普通经济型旅馆,这是当时山上所有经济型酒店的常态。项目方期望以设计为驱动力,做一个目的地度假型精品民宿。我们希望从重拾日常的生活美开始,呈现一种从形式到空间均可被感知的设计力。Edward Hopper曾说“在日常的平凡事物中有一种力量,只有当我们注视良久时,才能发现它。”

The predecessor of the project was an ordinary budget hotel with only tourists in the peak season, which was the norm of all budget hotels on the mountain at that time. The project side expects to make a destination resort boutique homestay driven by design. We hope to start from the regain of the beauty of daily life, to present a design capability able to be perceived from form to space. Edward Hopper once said, “there is a power in the routine ordinary things, which can be found only when we look long enough for it.”


Designing is a creative conduct. We hope to find a new approach in every detail. When selecting materials, we hope the building can respond to the outside world, to present a particular function, to be able to witness the reality of the past life, and to absorb the traces of life. Into the tea room area on the first floor of the guest room, the interior is wrapped in wood veneer, retaining a piece of glass as a medium for internal and external contact. When the feet on the tatami, sitting cross-legged on a futon, boiling tea, scenery, sunshine, dew, all in sight, opening the window, the breeze, the spatial perception that we expect is already present. Today, it has become a favorite place for guests to stay. The facade language of the building is the volume of cement, the remains of residential terracotta, rammed earth and bamboos, daily materials. We choose waste stone as stepping stones, firebrick as ground, staircases of solid wood and steel, copper – covered wooden door, transparent sunshine board, the combination of these materials and forms creates a whole. When the body is in close contact with these materials, what we want our guests to have is a state of mind and raw power that can talk to the current situation.

建筑面积:500 ㎡

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